Pito-Pito is something I was introduced to in the Philippines by my wife. It is a blend of seeds and leaves that are considered traditional herbal medicine. This blend is prepared as a decoction or a poultice and is available on-line or in Oriental stores. It is utilized as a folkloric application for: asthma, abdominal pains colds, cough, diarrhea, fever and abdominal pains. The significances of seven (pito) is thought to be "numerological essential (lucky) to the efficacy of the eventual formulation". The traditional combination consists of alagaw, banaba, bayabas, pandan and mangga complemented with a teaspoon of anis and cilantro and seeds (called coriander),

It is well know as a herbal tea blend, which I have tried on a number of occasions. It is easy to prepare, simply put all seven ingredients together, add water and boil for 30 minutes, strain and drained the ingredients to ensure all of the juice is out before disposing. It is also utilized as washing solution to aid in the healing of wounds and to rejuvenate your body while recovering from fever of after giving birth.

Here is some more specifics about these specific herbs and there health benefits:

ALAGAW: headache, cough, wounds, diabetes, colitis and skin dysentery

BANABA: high blood pressure, hemorrhage, kidney disorders

BAYABAS (Guava leaves):

PANDAN: blood vessels, headache, rheumatism, antispasmodic (suppresses spasms), urine, abortion, headache and earache.

MANGGA (Mango leaves): bumps, bruises, bronchial tubes, cough, hoarseness, intestinal worms, diarrhea and inflammation vaginal wash after giving birth

CILANTRO: blood sugar, lower cholesterol and fight against inflammation and freed radicals. It is though to have antimicrobial properties and documentation supports it can be a effective chelation therapy for individuals who have excess mercury in their systems (potentially from tooth filings).

ANIS: phytoestrogen, antiparasitic, digestive problems, relief of menstrual cramps.

  1. hey how cane i buy the seven pito leave ?cane u help me plz

  2. Look on-line for Seamaxx Enterprises ( This is once source where you can purchase. If you have an oriental store you that would also be a good place to check. I purchase mine from a local orientation store and have brought some back from the Philippines. Hope this helps.

  3. Is there a market for Pito-Pito in the United States or other foreign countries?

  4. I would say yes, most of the oriental markets I’ve been to carry it.

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